MOPPETS Reminders...

Tomorrow is our first MOPS meeting of the year. I am the new MOPPETS Coordinator, so I wanted to remind you of a few things....
  • Drop off your child(ren) in the appropriate MOPPETS room.  Mini MOPPETS (infant - 2 years)will be in the downstairs nursery.  Maxi MOPPETS (2yrs-5yrs) will be in the upstairs classroom. If your child is 2 years old, please talk to me and we can decide which room they will be best in. (i.e. Does your 2 year old have an older sibling they would feel more comfortable with? We could put them in the Maxi MOPPETS room). 
  • Please bring a drink for your son/daughter. You can pack a sippy cup, bottle or water bottle for your child.  This will make snack time much easier for our hard-working volunteers (and hopefully less mess!)
  • Be sure to label everything you bring in for you child.  This includes jackets, sweatshirts, diaper bags, backpacks, sippy cups, etc.  
  • Each meeting MOPS will furnish a snack for your child. The Mini MOPPETS room will have dry cereal (Cheerios, etc) and the Maxi MOPPETS will have a granola bar, cheese/crackers, etc.  If you would like to supply your own snack, feel free.  Please let the MOPPETS volunteer know at drop off.  
  • If you would like to furnish a snack, craft or fun activity for your child's room (birthday, special occasion) let me know! 
  • Introduce yourself (and your child) to our volunteers. We want to make sure they feel appreciated for taking the time to help us become better Moms through MOPS.  We could not have MOPS without them!
Thank you so much for making this a great year for Moms, our children and our volunteers.


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