Welcome to the Dryden MOPS Group!

We are so excited about this year at MOPS!  Mothering is an adventure and HARD work. It is challenging and rewarding, and at times, very draining.

Some days, we feel like we are on a roller coaster trying to navigate the daily highs and lows of mothering.

   Some days are filled with peace, but others feel like we are on the bumper car ride - lots of bumps without making much progress.
   Some days feel like a carousel - going  around and around in circles.
   Some days we wander through the Hall of Mirrors - questioning “Who am I?”, and “What purpose do I have?”
   Some days we wonder, “Will I ever get off this ride?”
We all have these days. At MOPS, you will find lots of other women who are facing the same challenges that you face. Get ready to make lots of new friends, develop your talents, and expand your horizons.

We have exciting topics planned for discussion that will help each of us become better moms, and better leaders in our churches and communities. We will grow in hospitality as we all take turns contributing snacks at our meetings.  Our children will grow, grow, and grow in our MOPPETS program through stories, songs, art, and play.

Our vision is to reach out with love to mothers of preschoolers practicing, encouraging, and learning about the great adventure of motherhood.  We encourage you to invite your friends to meetings and events. And if the adventure is becoming a little too much to handle, please contact one of our Mentor Moms.  They are here to help us grown as mothers and they will listen with an understanding ear.

In this busy season of our lives, it’s so easy to feel insignificant, unrecognized, and unimportant. As Mothers of Preschoolers, each of us has been uniquely chosen to be the mother of our children, and what we are doing truly does make a difference…

With lots of love and hugs,

                Your Steering Team