Mama's Gonna Snap

To get you excited about taking pictures after our photographer speaker, MOPS is hosting our first annual MOPS Mom Photo Contest.

  • Mom's Life (pictures with you in it or pictures of real life as a mom, messes and all)
  • Silly Faces/Funny (pictures that make you laugh)
  • Smiles/Portraits
  • Holidays
  • Nature/Landscapes
  • Unusual Perspective
  • Black & White
For some inspiration and to get you started snapping away, below are some sites or posts that I have found helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment with any others you find or any tips you have for taking great pictures.

General Photographing Tips
Our photographer speaker talked a little about depth of field (aka your subject in focus and the rest blurry). Here is a great post about how to get great fuzzy backgrounds from the CoffeeShop Blog. Other topics she covered were Apertures, Shutter Speed, ISO, and more ISO fun.

Mom's Life Photo Tips and Ideas
Put yourself in your photos. Here are some ideas and examples from Susan at If you don't like the way you look in photos, Kristen shares a great tip at her blog the idea room.
When having YOUR picture taken, always remember to do 3 things.
1) Turn the hips
2) Pop the knee
3) Bend the arms

Straight on, the hips look so much wider than when I turn to the side. Also, to have a separation of the legs by lifting one heel and popping the knee, helps slim as well. Lastly, giving the arms something to do besides just hang there looks so much more relaxed.
Scroll to the bottom of this post to see before and after pictures of this in action. The difference is amazing.

Silly Faces/Funny
The Pioneer Woman's Funny series (group 5, photo five cracked me up) is a great place to start for inspiration, not that us mothers can't find lots of ways our little ones make us laugh. Let's see those silly faces - not just of children; moms, let's see those silly faces.

Amy gives us some ideas on creative ways to take portraits at home and here's twenty portraits for inspiration from the Pioneer Woman. To help keep those photo shoots fun, 5 Minutes for Mom has some great tips for a photo shoot.

This category would be anything that has to do with a holiday. It could be pictures of people, pets, or just objects. Anything that says holiday to you. It could even be something like this:
Is it Easter already pictures of easter

Perhaps you are ready to be out in the (theoretical) sunshine now that Spring is on it's way (pretty please). Grab the kids, pack a snack, your camera and start shooting. Just Google Landscape Photography and you'll get tons of tips and great ideas. This post on 11 surefire landscape photography tips is a great place to start.

Unusual Perspective Inspiration
Some times moms just need a new point of view, Jim Richard tells us how to do that at National Geographic. The Pioneer Woman has two things you could try to get an unusual perspective.

Black & White Inspiration
Photos in black and white can be of anything and everything. I found a few good ideas at the Pioneer Woman's black & white photography contest and at iheartfaces' dramatic black & white contest. Black and white tends to add more drama. Switch your camera to b&w (or edit your photos) and see how dramatic you can be. (Need help with the drama, just ask the tantrum-prone three-years-old in your house.)

You can submit up to seven pictures, one per category. The pictures need to be taken by you. For those pictures that include you, they can be taken by dad (or kids). Please no professional photos. Your submissions can be photos that you took in the past. Email me your pictures by Wednesday, April 27th with the category for each photo submitted, a title and any notes you would like to add. Each photo will be printed 4"x6" matte finish and displayed at our May 11th meeting for voting. We will also be voting for the "Best in Show" and the winner will receive a small prize.

Happy Snapping!

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