Making Applesauce

Special Craft Day: Wednesday, September 29 9am-11am at Dryden Presbyterian Church

Craft: Homemade Applesauce
Credits: How to Make Homemade Applesauce, Ball Home Canning Applesauce
Supplies: Apples (donated by Hollenbeck's Cider Mill), Lemon Juice, Sugar, Cinnamon, Jar Grabber, Jar Funnel, Large Pots, Ladles, Ball Jars (donated by Dryden Agway), Water Bath Canner, KitchenAid with the Sieve/Grinder Attachments
Time: About 2 hours from first apple cut to last jar from the canner
Description: Moms will make their own quart of applesauce from scratch. We'll cut, boil, and puree apples; add lemon juice and sugar to taste; and pour the yummy homemade applesauce into jars to be canned or enjoyed fresh. We'll be making extras to give to the MOPPETS teachers as thank you gifts in December.

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